Breakfast Cranachan

I guess this is like a cold porridge/bircher muesli type thang. But, as I am Scottish I like to call it “Breakfast Crannachan”.

Crannachan (Cran-a-can) for those that don’t know,  is a traditional Scottish dessert usually made from a mixture of whipped cream, whisky, honey, fresh raspberries with toasted oatmeal soaked overnight in a little bit of whisky.

My version is just as nice without the whipped cream and whisky, honest! What’s best about it, apart from the taste, is that you can experiment with flavours and textures and pretty much throw anything in you have.

Generally I create a base crannachan and then add in the fun stuff, depending on what is in our store cupboard. I make the night before and put in a jar in the fridge. It allows all the flavours to moosh together nicely and creates a more soild, together texture.


  1. Scoop or two of porridge oats
  2. Tsp flaxseed
  3. Tsp chia seeds
  4. Tsp sunflower, pumpkin, or linseed
  5. Tsp cinnamon
  6. Tsp protein powder
  7. Squirt of honey
  8. Soya or Almond Milk (enough to mix it all together)
  9. Top with spoonful of soya yogurt and some freshly grated apple.

Additional tasty things to add: Toasted coconut flakes, nuts, dried mulberries, chunk freshly grated ginger (nice and zingy and a good anti-inflammatory ), some cashew cream, fresh berries, banana, chia jam. Oh and grated carrot works a treat!




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