Fermented Coleslaw

Now that I have gotten over the “shock horror” thought of fermentation, here is a quick and easy recipe I was given for some homemade coleslaw, which, once made can be kept in a sealed jar in the fridge for as long as you want, or in my case as long as it lasts, which isn’t too long. This slaw tastes more like a vinaigrette type slaw than a creamy one, which to be honest I much prefer.

You don’t need to peel the veggies beforehand if they are organic, if not, give them a good scrub to wash off as much of the nasty stuff as you can. Do also try and use Himalayan Pink salt as it is a purer form of salt, retaining all of it’s beneficial minerals, unlike white table and sea salt.

Ingredients Slaw

  1. 1 large red onion
  2. 1/2 green cabbage (around459g)
  3. 1 large green pepper
  4. 1 large carrot
  5. 1/2 apple
  6. 150g celeriac
  7. 20g Himalayan pink salt

Ingredients Slaw Dressing

  1. 2tbsp runny honey or agave for Vegans
  2. 6tbsp olive or sesame oil
  3. 2tsp mustard seeds
  4. Chunk of ginger chopped finely
  5. 120ml of fermentation liquid
  6. Pepper.

Construction: Finely slice the cabbage, pepper and onion and then grate the carrot, apple and celeriac either  by hand or in a food processor. Or if you are braver and less clumsier than me, a mandoline! Put in a large bowl with the salt and get rubbing. Massage, massage, massage is the key to this. The more you squish and squash, the more liquid that is released which is what is needed for the fermentation process. The veggies will also become softer.  This is where the amount of liquid is really important-it basically needs to cover all the veggies. Once you have enough liquid bung everything into a 1 litre clip top jar and tightly pack in together. A “plug” needs to be placed at the top to keep the veggies submerged in the liquid. The best thing to use is the outer leaves and core of the cabbage-a  natural veggie stopper! . If it is a Kilner type jar, remove the orange rubber ring during the fermentation process. It needs air and space for gases to be released. You don’t want exploding gases blasting cabbage all over your kitchen.

Leave out of the fridge for a week to ferment, you should see some bubbles forming which is all normal! Drain the liquid out, but keep to mix with the dressing. Whizz up the ingredients for the dressing with 120ml of the fermented liquid and pour into the slaw. If you want to make 100% vegan, then replace the honey with agave or maple syrup. Season, add the orange rubber ring back onto the jar and put in the fridge. Your fermented slaw is now ready to eat!

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