The Pantry

I think the key to being consistently healthy and conscious about what you eat,  is being organised and having well stocked cupboards. Sounds obvious I know, but there is nothing worse than trying to cook something and you don’t have half the stuff in, you then have to pop to the shops, whereupon you decide that it’s now getting a bit late, and in fact an oven pizza is a better option!

It doesn’t have to be a ton of stuff, but a good selection of flours, nuts and seeds that you can use for baking some tasty treats, or grains, beans and pulses which you can use for dinner alongside your fresh veggies is key. And being organised and planning meals in advance makes it easier to avoid convenience eating!

I do have a well stocked pantry, but it didn’t happen overnight. Not many of us can afford to go and spend £100 + on bags of nuts, seeds and dried green powders, especially if you don’t even know if you will like them! Start off small and buy the things you know you like. Next month buy a few other things. Eventually, you get to a stage where you are topping stuff up every few weeks, rather than buying everything from scratch. You can also monitor what you are using most of and start to buy accordingly.

The other most useful thing is a blender, a decent blender! Buying cheap blenders is a false economy in my book. They will break quickly and often can’t whizz things like nuts up as finely as you would like. Admittedly I still don’t have the utopia of blenders yet- a VITAMIX, but I am working on it-there is still plenty of time for me to be a good girl this year and ask Santa in December!!

Also, shop around for your store cupboard ingredients. Buying them all in the supermarket, may be convenient, but this certainly isn’t as cost-effective or anywhere near as much fun as visiting some of you local world supermarkets or searching on-line for some bargains.

Lastly, whether you already cook a lot, are looking for recipe inspiration or don’t cook at all, be flexible in your approach. If you don’t have a certain herb a recipe calls for, use another, it might work, it might not. The best new recipes and taste sensations are often discovered this way and pretty much the main basis of swizzlers kitchen!

Oh and one last thing, ENJOY IT. It’s supposed to be fun.